Christian’s Testimonial (IT CONSULTANT)

1-1 mentoring & healing sessions 

I can't really explain what happens during a session with Christina.  All I do know is that I come away feeling happier & more relaxed with a deeper appreciation for my family and friends around me.


I would describe myself as spiritual, but a sceptic.


During my first session, I found myself second guessing what she was saying "Of course she's saying that" and "she is just saying what I want to hear".  


But at some point, I thought "What if?  What if, what she can see, what she is saying and how she is feeling - what if it is all true?"


I can't describe what her process is or how it works.  It's strange and unique and exciting and crazy.  What I do know she genuinely believes in what she does.  


And that is a VERY powerful energy!


Since then, I've had a couple of sessions, and my expectations are blown away.  I feel way more relaxed (effects lasts much longer than a massage), more grounded and generally happier.


I know this all sounds odd.  It feels odd!  But the results are fantastic!


Roschan's Testimonial ( HAIR DRESSER) 

1-1 mentoring & healing sessions 

I found Christina through a dear friend of mine and

I am so grateful that I did! It has been an amazing

experience. I feel her energy is deeply healing and

comes from a compassionate place.

Anya's Testimonial ( PROFFESIONAL DANCER)


1-1 mentoring & healing sessions  

New to meditation and healings Sita has been a calm, caring, gentle and joyful guide. Sita's group meditations are always exactly what I need that week, a safe and calm place to re-center myself after the regular jostling life can give you. Sita generously provides a space for you to not only connect with yourself, but with like-minded people who are asking the same questions you are. Learning from each other there is no shortage of epiphanies and laugher.

Over the last two years as I entered my thirties, I had found myself perpetually unwell and increasingly sensitive to my environment. I'm not sure I myself would have believed it if you told me a year ago, but I can honestly say that meditation has not only had a enormously positive effect on my health and immune system, but given me a feeling of self empowerment over this area of my life.


In my healings with Sita I have always felt safe and nurtured, allowing me to address and release the old stale patterns that I had worked on physically and mentally for years, but not had lasting success. My last healing with Sita was truly profound and beyond my known reality. Sita's sensitivity and vast knowledge in healing is always offered to me generously and at the rate I am ready to receive. As a result I feel things shifting, changing and falling into clearer alignment in my life in new and positive ways. After healing I have a big smile and real expansion in energy.


With healing and meditation together my heart is opening and love and life is rushing in. I feel healthier body mind and spirit than I have been in a long time. Healing and meditation with Sita had been a big part of that for me.  Thank you Sita!


SaraSwati Shakti’s Testimonial (PSYCHOTHERAPIST)


I have had the opportunity of attending Christina's meditation sessions on several occasions and I recommend them. They are relaxing and enlightening. A calm, peaceful process of harmony permeates the room, the atmosphere, and everyone participating.



In life’s busy times, Christina offers a little haven, a safe spiritual space where you can just tune into one self through a guided intuitive meditation, Christina’s caring nature makes it a very enjoyable fun experience with amazing outcomes, sharing it with like minded people, keeping it very real and relevant 



1-1 mentoring & healing sessions

I felt as if you cleared a lot of the blockages in my body as my back is feeling so much better. Thank you.



1-1 mentoring & healing sessions  

Sessions with Christina are like entering into an accelerator program. If you are going through a period of transition or life-changing transformation, Christina is masterful at removing the road blocks; taking away the pain  and ​clearing ​up ​any limiting beliefs and mindsets.

She is full of heart, connected to her intuition and always validating. She has been a stand for me to ​ create​ a new level of awareness, ​happiness, ​

​and ​ leadership potential in all areas of my life." ​

Jessica’s Testimonial (ARCHITECTURAL)

1-1 mentoring & healing sessions 

Whenever I have had a healing with Christina

I find she as an incredible & powerful insight into

what is affecting me emotionally. I always walk

away feeling so much more at peace with a

greatly improved ability in dealing with myself

and other people in a more loving way.

Jeannine's Testimonial (PAST STUDENT)

Harmony Architecture My dream home workshop

This course gave me the time to think, dream, imagine and put into reality. The context allowed my imagination to dream the dream of not just a house but a family home.

We shared, we gained knowledge and wisdom and we got the chance to put it into practice. Along the way with laughter and enjoyment.


We have a beautiful home now. More than my focus and creation. Perfect Harmony!

Janette's Testimonial (EXECUTIVE COACH)

Harmony Architecture

Having worked with you on my house renovation I really appreciate the sense of calm you bring to stressful situations and the beautiful energy you infuse into the project and the building. Great that you can share this with others


Harmony Architecture My dream home workshop

I came to the course expecting to learn some basic technical skills about interior design. Apparently, Christina had quite a different plan for us. She took us on an interesting journey of self discovery,  blending in ancient wisdom and modern concepts. This classroom was fun and highly interactive, full of positive energy. Highly recommended for those who are looking to create a harmonious space for family or for one's inner peace.