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Wellness program – 5 weeks of Intensive Meditation

We all yearn for a harmonious, happy, joyful and abundant life without too much stress and
trauma. Is this possible?

What we see around us is obviously not the entirety of life. There are many vital parts of our
world that we cannot classify as physical—things such as feelings, hunches, energy, our will
and spirit.

My objective in offering this program is to give a clear and detailed explanation of how
energy works through meditations that connect us multi-dimensionally.

Meditations work through all the things that are not only physical but also non-physical and
- Create a beautiful and harmonious outer world that reflects your inner self when you
practice it regularly.

In this program, we will understand the concept of Meditation and how to use it holistically
and practically in your everyday life.

Understanding the importance of our left-side brain (logical minds), working with the right-
side brain ( creative minds) in our working and personal life brings more balance and

The sessions are customized to suit the busy individuals who attend so we can learn tools to
manage stress, anxiety and emotional baggage.

Meditating twice a week for five weeks will be a powerful way to shift the level of your
consciousness and reprogram your mind to see the big picture.

This program is about YOU!

The structure of the program is as follows –

It comprises of Monday - 30-minute training + 30 minutes of Meditation and

                           Thursday – 30-minute Meditation

Week 1: What is Meditation, and why meditate. We are explaining the multi-dimensional
body, mind and spirit in a diagram. How does our inner world, such as thoughts, get affected
by manifesting our outer world?

Week 2: Harmony and balance with Nature. What are the chakras? What are their
functionalities? Relationship of Chakras and the Endocrine & Nervous systems

Week 3: Power of breathing, Pranayama, Mantra

Week 4: Three types of ourselves – inner child, adult and parent. How do they play on your
emotions and minds? Do you hear a voice in your head? Notice how three types influence
your thoughts and reactions.

Week 5: 1 hour of Meditation

Date: 15 August – 12 September (Every Monday) 10:00 -11:00am,
          18 August – 15 September (Every Thursday) 10:00-10:30am

Investment: $330 ( $300 when you register by 26 July) 

Wellness Program:
Five weeks of Intensive Meditation

Mondays and Thursdays
15 August – 15 September
10 – 11:00am on Mondays
10 – 10:30am on Thursdays


Katie Hemmer, (Director, Partner & Customer Success North America)
“Christina is grounded, calm and subtle. In her sessions, she gives important knowledge and tools to help manage the stresses of everyday life at work and at home. Her sessions have helped me develop a passion for meditation & mindfulness that I carry with me throughout my week. I am better able to collaborate with my team & interact with clients.”

Terry Ooi, (Solution Architect Malaysia)
“This is my first time meditation experience. I never expect myself to like it this much. I look forward for every session and make time to join.”

Mei Chan,(Senior Business Analyst at RIO Education)
“I started to incorporate the breathing exercise before my training meetings with customers and I can feel the difference – more calm and composed like s turtle.”


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