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6 weeks

connect realize transform

Ignite Your Spirit Mentoring practice

A 6 week program providing the next break-through in your spiritual journey of self- awareness and self- realization, to help you fulfill your aims professionally socially and personally.


This course will help you to uncover and resolve the hidden fears and energy blockages within you so you can unlock even more of your potential.

Learn about multi-dimensional yourself and how we are connected to something bigger. When our spirit is ignited, we transform, and when we transform we transform the world, Because energy flows cleanly through every facet of our life.


This course is all about doing the inner work through meditations and mentorship. It connects you to this energy in a safe and supportive environment so that the transformation takes place in a gentle manner with as much ease & grace as possible.

Request detailed program if interested.

Duration: 6 weeks

5 weeks followed by a personal appointment

for a one-on-one lift & healing session


Limited to max. 10 people/group



suite 104, 20 Clarke Street,

Crows Nest


Facilitator: Christina Kim


Cost: $1,800 + GST



mob: 0412 477 825

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