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Harmony Architecture

1/2 hr Free consultation - Evaluate your Workspace

  • 30 minutes
  • Suite 104, 20 Clarke Street, Crows Nest NSW

Service Description

We, architects & designers, have to understand what we(humans) are made of to be able to design environments to live, work, learn and etc. I will explain 5 areas of our needs and holistic approach to design based on the principles. Please follow the link for more info.( OnOffice Magazine, UK): Design beautiful and functional spaces that support and stimulate our positive emotions and thought processes. Using the Harmonious Design Method, the spaces are user-friendly. The occupants have the freedom to use purpose designed areas in their own ways to deal with individual challenges such as stress, motivation, insecurities or flight-fight-freeze mode. I will share 9 zones wheel and any designs (based on the zones) enable occupants to choose an appropriate space for their needs and revive their state of wellness. To bring wellness, connectedness and productivity of employees, we have a service to evaluate your existing environments and put together our recommendations. Please talk to Christina for a free 1/2 hr initial consultation.

Contact Details

  • 20 Clarke Street, Crows Nest NSW 2065, Australia

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