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Space clearing

Clearing & revitalizing stale energies in buildings and bring harmony

  • 1 hour
  • 495 Australian dollars
  • Clarke Street

Service Description

On zoom ($495) or in person ($495 + travel time & cost) Clearing & revitalizing stale energies in buildings after the renovations or building and bring a spatial harmony for your home, workplaces or events. Energy, created by people's minds, although non-physical, can affect them in subtle ways. As we can clean and empty the physical chaos in our offices, we also need to clean those subtle energies created by people in the work, school or home. We spill our thoughts and feelings that contain energy and consequently float around in space. Thoughts and energy trapped in a room can influence hoe we act and react, whether we like it or not, consciously, or unconsciously. This is how mass consciousness operates in a company or a family. It is fortunate if you are around healthy and positive people, the energy transfer is favourable. However, most of the time, we are in a mixture of thought-forms that tend to have an unsettling effect and do not serve our optimal well-being. Have you ever felt an unpleasant sensation when you walk into a building? It feels like you are in an unclean place even though the building is newly renovated and state of the art. That is because you can probably feel other people's emotional garbage that has accumulated over the years or during construction. These thought-forms or negative feelings can flow around and clog up our mind and energy around us and in us. Cleaning these energies from our environments is necessary to spread the positive energy for the benefit of employees and students. Other tips: Practising regular meditations and breathing exercises help people to think positively. Managing their thoughts and training their minds are necessary to create positive environments where you live or work.

Contact Details

  • 20 Clarke Street, Crows Nest NSW, Australia

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