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Harmony Architecture

Creating harmonious and high performance environments that stimulate the right side of the brain and understand the needs of our bodies, minds and souls throughout the day


Design Method

4 step process                                                                 "Environments shape us!"         

Following the method when you design your workspaces or learning spaces helps to create high performance environments that optimize people's potential, productivity, wellness and connectivity.
Puja Temple
Multi-purpose Temple, Prayer rooms, Accommodation, Kitchen, Amenities, Outdoor garden  and Carparks
Our clients tell us about their
work environments struggles with:
  • Dispiriting

  • Low performance

  • Disconnected culture

Harmonious work & learning environments encourage:
  • Uplifted mood

  • High performance

  • Connected culture

Scorecards - workspace assessment

Go to www.harmonyarchitecture

and download scorecards

To increase productivity, we recommend to start your day with meditation or breathing exercise.
  • More focused, efficient

  • Calm your mind

  • More connected 

  • Less stressed

  • Feeling safe

  • Gaining more energy & enthusiasm

Harmony Architecture Series - Home

   Bringing You and Your Dreams into Harmony


Are you planning to design or renovate your home in the short or long term? This course is the vital first step that will help you to clarify what you really want in your dream home, before you embark on the design process. It is fun and easy, at the same time, mind & heart opening 5 weeks course to express your aspiration, creativity, imagination and the concept of "anything is possible".

              5 weeks Workshop ( 5hrs each week)

                         Week 1: My Authentic Self

                         Week 2: place - which environment is attracted to me?

                         Week 3: Building & Spatial Design

                         Week 4: Playing with colour, light & materials

                         Week 5: Let's create a vision board



                   What to bring  note pad, glue, pen, pencils, scissor, A2 size board, pictures

                                               magazine, cut-outs, and photos


                   Enquiries and Registration : or 0412 477 825


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