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                 Vision Board Workshop - VISIONING 2020 as the leader of your own life 

                                                          Bringing You and Your Dreams into Harmony

                               Smash your vision & happiness by giving yourself time to brainstorm, and the tools to be focused and motivated about your goals.

                                                      Our  'Visioning 2020' workshop helps build a clear picture of what your happiness looks like.

                                                 A Vision Board to bring you and your dreams into harmony is the most powerful first step to manifesting.


                                                                   Using authentic self-expression, your individual presence, and self-affirming ways

                                                                           to attract your dreams, puts you into the right flow of creating a Vision.


                               The workshops are easy, light-hearted, simple, and very powerful goal setting days to put you in the right energetic stream

                               for manifesting your dreams. You will create a colourful, motivating and powerful visual representation that expresses the vision

                                                                                 you wish to manifest. Because seeing it is believing it.


                                                          Christina will expertly guide you through the process of making your vision board, and helps you

                                                                     to bring your authentic vision, uniqueness, desires and preferences into the creation.  

                                                         And please do not just take my word for it. She has received feedback from many people from

                                         all walks of life and age groups who have taken advantage of her Visioning Workshops to help realize their dreams.

                                                                                  What people say-

                “Christina’s workshop was a fantastic way for me to clarify what I wanted – help me to envision &

                 achieve many positive outcomes. She created a warm, supportive and fun environment which made

                                                                    the whole process very enjoyable.”

                                                                                Jess, Architecture

                     “I can see the things I put on my vision board are really happening for me. –I have become more organised

                     – I can visually and mentally focus on them every day. --- Thanks for helping me and being non-judgmental

                                                                                and open minded.”

                                                                        Emily, Marketing consultant

               “Thoroughly enjoyed the first Vision Board Workshop. Got so much out of it. Looking forward to this session.”

                                                                     Jeannie, Trade Marks Attorney


         Have a big Vision  I hope you can join me in my upcoming Visions workshop on 29 November 2019.


                                                                        1.5 day Workshop

                         Day 1: Introduction day - selecting theme, visualization & discussion on ZOOM on 22 Nov.

                         Day 2: Making your board & setting goals on 29 Nov.

                                                        *Optional - For an one-on-one mentoring, clearing and visualization session,

                                                                        please book on-line:

                       What to bring  note pad, glue, pen, pencils, scissor, A2 size board, pictures magazine, cut-outs, and photos



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