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discovery session - Free 1/2hr
    Workshop-Visioning 2020 
     Workshop on 29 Nov ,  31 Jan, 28 Feb - 
     4-5 hrs  (Zoom session  on 22 Nov, 24 Jan &       21 Feb 10-11am for info & prep)

Talk to our team and make a booking to present a half hour discovery session: What is the Smart workspace or learning space design?

The work or learning environments that stimulate 5 senses and understand 

our needs of body, mind and spirit.

We have a unique methodology. See



Connect Realize Transform
6 weeks mentoring practice


A 6 week program providing the next break-through in your spiritual journey of self- awareness and self- realization, to help you fulfill your aims professionally socially and personally.

Vision Board Workshop - Smash your vision by giving yourself  time to brainstorm.

"Create a big vision for the life you want and take the first step to get there."

We will have an one hour preparation on zoom a week before the workshop.


Details & Ticket: Workshop on 29 November 2019

Cost: $180 per person

Harmony Architecture
 4 hours 
course enquiries & RSVP:

This half day course is designed to inform you what you need to consider to bring peace and harmony into your home, workplace or even communal space.  Can the buildings have a soul?

4 hours
course enquiries & RSVP:

 4hours WORKSHOP


My Authentic self
4 hours 
course enquiries & RSVP:

What do we need to consider to create  a sacred home/workplace that reflects your individuality & uniqueness, supports harmonious relationship with people, connects with nature, and most of all maintains vibrant environment.

Who are you and is your home or workplace is the reflection of yourself?

When your friends or Clients walk into your home or office and Can they see your authenticity? Most importantly, is that place supporting who you are?

Ignite Your Spirit 
2 full days

Ignite your spirit : Learning about physical, mental, emotional and soul body. How we can use energy and lights to heal our bodies. This is very practical course that my aim is for student to learn & use this healing modality to heal themselves and their projects.

Pre-Requisite: Energy Healing basic


1 full day
course enquiries & RSVP:

Energy Healing Made Easy: No pre-requisite

This course will be right for

  • If you believe we are more than what we see,

  • If you have ever wanted to explore the links between your mind, energy, healing and creating the life you want------

  • If you have been living with pain, depression, stress or feeling stuck and looking for answers.


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